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Alanko Old Cowhouse

Outdoor activities, Equipment rental, Accommodation, Local Food, Music facilities, Interpretation and Consulting services and Storage rental.

Alanko Old Cowhouse Oy is a company that offers various outdoor activity services, restaurant services and accommodation services to individuals, groups and companies.

We have a music studio with basic instruments for rehearsal.

Interpretation (English-Finnish-Chinese) and consulting services.

Outdoor activities: Snowshoeing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, village roads and off road biking by eFatbikes. Guided or without (equipment rental). Book a day or week with a local (tailored fishing or berry picking nature tour). Overnight in the middle of nowhere.

Photos and videos for customers can be made upon request.

We have a barrel sauna (max 4 people), a big landscape sauna (max 12 people), a hundred-year-old riverside sauna (max 6 people in the summer time). You can book jacuzzi or hot tubs with saunas.

Our restaurant/meeting room is good for parties, meetings, training events and meals (max 16 people). We offer good, local, food and drinks.

The music room is soundproofed, acoustic and ideal for rehearsals. You do not need your own instruments or amplifiers, they can be found in the music room.

The guidance and interpretation service languages are Finnish, Chinese and English.

The guests are served locally and internationally in cooperation with other companies in the region.

The company offers small scale tourist residential accommodation services in an old renovated cottage (2 adults), in the modern mini-house (max two adults+two small kids) and in the summer time in riverside cottage (4 people).

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Outdoor activities
Restaurant services
Music services
Storage rental
Interpretation, consultancy and training services

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Welcome to enjoy the countryside, nature and outdoor activities at Alanko Farm.
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Jaakko Pelimanni
Chief Executive Officer
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Olivia Pelimanni
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